Christmas in Haiti…

…is loud.Christmas Dresses!  The man who owns the little store across the street warned me. “Christmas, very loud, drinking, many people” (I translated it for you). I asked him if people would be drinking for Jesus. He looked at me with a serious face, “Wi, Wi”.

And Christmas was loud. But we had fun and missed our families a lot. Had a chance to video chat with family a little and while it was fun it made it a little harder to be away from them. Watching the girls open gifts is still fun. Getting the gifts to Haiti is less fun. Christmas dinner with the Alexander family was everything we could hope for and then some.

This was our first Christmas in Haiti. I we didn’t really know what to expect. The days (other than Christmas day) have been quiet and we’re resting, maybe recharging ourselves a bit, but mostly just enjoying our time together as a family. The girls have a whole semester ahead of them that seems like a long time, but Alicia and I are thoughtful about Alaina and college. It’s hard to say how her being gone will affect us and what next Christmas will look like, so the four of us together, here in this house has been a blessing.