Fifth Grade Funnies

One day a few weeks ago I wrote this note:
Oct. 8, 2007
We’ve had a very noisy day with someone pounding upstairs (I think they’re working on putting a door on the new storeroom they built for the church) The class has had trouble being quiet. During Bible, when they were not settling down enough to read out loud one at a time, I had them copy their Bible verse for the week in their notebooks(they memorize a verse every week) When they were finished with that we decided to read aloud in Ruth. They know this story well and really enjoy reading about it. We started reading one at a time and two visitors came in the back of the room to fix the backpack pegs (they had fallen out and there were not enough to hang everyone’s bag up) and started pounding on the wall. So again we’re having trouble being quiet and settled enough to read. I was getting pretty frustrated about how the day was going! It came time for Wensley to read in Ruth 2 and when he came to the name “Naomi” he pronounced it something like “Nehemiah” of course they all bust up laughing (I usually try not to laugh at mispronunciations but because I was getting so exasperated with the noise, I couldn’t help myself) so we took a few moments to recover and I worked with him on how to pronounce “Naomi”. Ok, we moved on to Djenica’s turn (pictured) to read. She starts reading and comes to the name “Boaz” and pronounces it something like “Bozizaz” so again we cracked up laughing and so much so that I had tears running down my face. After all the frustration of disorder in my classroom, I decided that sometimes you just need some comic relief to make the day go better and it just endears my students to me more.