Sad news…

this morning as word spread through the community of a family found dead. One of our Haitian staff members along with five members of her family died during the night. One family member is in the hospital. We’ve heard much speculation as to the cause, some say it was caused by fish that the family ate, others say that it was deliberate poisoning, still others speculate that it may have been a gas leak. We’ll probably never know for sure how they died, but the sadness and shock is the same regardless.

Death never seems far away in Haiti. We pass some weeks, perhaps a month. People drown in the ocean, or drown in their homes from the rain or mud. People die of AIDS. People die of things that have been wiped out in other parts of the world.

Please pray for our community, the families both directly and indirectly affected, that God’s faithfulness will be a comfort.