Interview Day!


The interview went off without a hitch. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Alaina’s scholarship opportunity and we’ll keep everyone updated when we know more. Thanks also to the kind Admissions staff at Harding University for accommodating us with a video interview.


Please pray for Alaina today. She will be interviewing for the Harding University Trustee Scholarship later this afternoon. Pray for confidence and that both Alaina and the interviewers will be blessed.


Yes. I do love you.

WaterA group of my somewhat challenging(and I mean that in a nice way, really.) students asked me, “Mr. Scott, do you like us? Are there things about us that you wish were different or that you would change?” I thought, ‘Are they kidding?’ I quickly thought of one or two big ideas that all adults probably wish that teens learned earlier and then I answered, “I love you and what I want most of all is for each of you to be Christian before anything else. Before you’re a man or a woman, be a Christian. Before you’re a student be a Christian. Before you’re a Haitian or a Jamaincan or whatever it is you call yourself, be a Christian and all the rest of that stuff will sort itself out.” My words to them. His words to me.

Fattest Tuesday Ever.

Thank you God for: TurtlesMardi Gras week, crazy bus rides, the Citadelle, Hotel Roi Christophe, turtles, french fries, cheeseburgers, omelettes, Haitian coffee, the swimming pool, coconut ice cream, noisey birds, watermelon juice, great friends, my children, my wife, green pastures, still waters, your love.

At the Citadelle
At the Citadelle
Tara, Megan, Katie and Alisha
Tara, Megan, Katie and Alisha

Roi Christophe