Pink and Chocolate Day

I love Valentine(‘s) Day (plural, possessive or what?). I love chocolate and pink’s not a bad color either. I think there are only four kinds of people who don’t like this day. 1) Teenagers who are experiencing melodramatic angst about some such nonsense. 2) Single people who get tired of having to deal with the non-single people and their V-Day drama. 3) Men who are constantly trying to out-do last year’s V-Day. 4) Women who realize every year that they are married to one of those guys who ‘forget’.

Maybe we just need more days on our calendar to eat chocolate and tell the people we love that they’re special. We don’t need more conversation hearts. Seriously, just more love expressed in more ways. Picking up your loved one’s laundry and putting it in the hamper does say ‘I love you’, but so does saying, ‘I love you.’


Alicia, I love you.

Alaina, I love you.

Anessa, I love you.

Mom and Family, I love you.

Friends who support us through prayer, giving, laughing and loving, I love you.

God, I love you (but you loved me first!)



Chocolate, I love you too.
Pink, you’re okay.