Kicking off a New Year

This day did not end so well.

I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions. I guess I figure if the change is worth making in my life why would I wait until the New Year to change? Also, I’m not great at sticking to my resolutions. I’m one of those folks that could radically change(or start) my diet and exercise routine at any time, but it’ll most likely work better for me if I start it right after suffering some kind of cardiac event.

If I make any sort of a resolution for myself, it usually has to do with self-learning personal-development-y stuff. Like, this year I really am going to apply myself toward learning to program in C. Or, this year I really am going to practice the flute for at least fifteen minutes a day. Now I could tell you that living in Haiti makes it hard to keep your resolutions because every day throws a surprise or five your way.

Fabrice visiting for Christmas
Fabrice visiting for Christmas. When I grow up Fabrice, I want to be just like you except a bit more Denzel Washington-ish


Really, this New Year, I feel like a well-used sock. Not one that you’re ready to throw out, but one that you know as soon as you put it on that it’s going to let you down.
My prayer this New Year, for me and for you, is for perseverance. Stick with what matters (and the discerning thereof), faith, family and ministry.