Together and apart

The girls should be heading back our way right now. They’ve spent the last week traveling through Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota with their grandparents and cousin. Including this week, we’ve been away from them from three weeks total this summer. The first week, Alicia and I were enjoying a 20th anniversary cruise. Honestly, I didn’t miss them too much that week. But, as we were returning from the cruise, they were headed to camp in Arkansas. That week, I really started to miss them. Now, after another week, I’m feeling a little stir-crazy without them around. I want to hear the Alaina’s ukulele and Anessa practicing her violin. I want to scramble the rubik’s cube at least 10 more times (Alaina can solve it in about 2 minutes and 10 seconds now.) I want to be ‘dad’ again in all the fun and not so fun ways. I need for us to be together so I can share their energy and soak up their smiles.

As many of you know, my grandpa is dying. He’s reasonably comfortable right now and won’t be making any more trips to the hospital. He’s 92 years old and he’s ready to go home. I’m so proud of him (like a kid on Grandparents Day at school). I’m proud of what his life has been about, what it has meant to and how it has changed the people around him. I’m proud of the example he has been to me. He’s always been an encouragement and his support of our work in Haiti has been incredible from the very beginning. His involvement with and travel to missions in India created in me a foundation of courage that impacts everything I do. He’s still an amazing example here, toward the very end, of the hope that we, as Christians, have in Jesus.

It’s been great to spend so much time with him this summer. We had planned to travel through Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee to visit many of you that are such a big part of our ministry at Sonlight. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to visit this summer. Spending time close to grandpa and the rest of our family seemed best. Thank you all for being so very understanding. Your prayers and encouragement have been a real blessing to us.

Please keep my grandpa and the rest of my family in your prayers. Pray also for the work in Haiti as we prepare to head back in mid-August.