First Day of School 2011

Alaina and Anessa First Day 2011


We had a wonderful first day at Sonlight Academy! All the hard work we’ve put into getting our classrooms ready (painting, cleaning, organizing) and teacher planning was worth it! Alaina has been organizing her backpack for the last week, wrapping all her supplies with rubber bands and putting them in ziploc bags. Anessa was very helpful in the 5th grade classroom painting and writing names on books. They both enjoyed the time leading up to school with playing games, watching movies, reading books and seeing their friends.  Here are some highlights from the first day!

First Day Prayer before Pledge, 6th grade girls Eveline, Fernande, Tasha
High School Girls, Chnida, Eddlie, Kashna, and Farah are ready for a New School Year!










Lourdes, our sponsor girl, is ready for a great day in 1st grade!
Sabina, Rose Glendine, Marie Christie, and Gerdeley (my Bible study girls) ready for their first day as Freshman!













Alaina, Mykeldine, and Yael are already working hard in French class.










Alaina is excited to be reading novels in French this year. The first one is The Count of Monte Cristo. Today they copied the biography of Alexandre Dumas.



Anessa with all 12 girls in 8th grade.









Anessa’s teacher, Mr Jonny, handed out treats on the first day! Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer, Disney Channel lip balm, and bracelets. (Thank you Mrs. Wessel!) There are all girls in her class this year. Good luck Mr Jonny!

Thank you all for praying for our first day!


Week 1

We’ve been back in Haiti for about one week and what a busy week it has been. I think everyone on staff has had their hand in a paint bucket around here somewhere. Classrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, seems like everywhere you look there’s a fresh coat of paint and everyone is working!

Norma kept us all well fed for breakfast and lunches. I haven’t jumped on a scale yet, but I hope I’ve shed a pound or two.  Maybe if I can lose a bit I’ll reward myself with some Haitian food.

I’ve been rearranging my classroom and getting some great help from Alaina  as we setup and configure computers.  She soaks up knowledge like a sponge. Maybe I’ll be able to turn over my classroom computer support to her at some point.

This was our first Sunday since we’ve been back and it was exciting to see church so crowded. God is doing great things at Sonlight Christian Church. Honestly though, part of my body felt like a visitor sitting on that metal chair. The singing was great and the guest  speaker (though hard for me to understand) was quite good too.

Tomorrow is our first teaching staff meeting and that means that lesson planning is right around the corner.

Please pray:

  • for the safety and health of our students.
  • for lesson planning and preparation.
  • that we’ll get a little bit of TS Irene, but not too much.
  • that we’ll remember that it’s God work.


The Eleventh Hour

Today is the day. We started the summer ready to be refreshed. We’re ending the summer both restored and exhausted, all of us a bit sad to be saying goodbye and yet ready to get home.

The packing is done(I think.). And the work is about to start again in earnest.

Please continue to pray for us, for our families and the Sonlight staff and students and families of Port-de-Paix.

Our email address is and…

Our mailing address is:

Bridges Family
Unit 2126-SM                       
3170 Airmans Dr.
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

Thank you to all of you who made our summer special in so many big and small ways. We love you.

Scott, Alicia, Alaina and Anessa

Scott’s Top Three

    The summer is winding down. We’ve had a tremendous time visiting with friends and family from Missouri to Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Everyone we’ve come in contact with has been a real blessing to us, even those people who always drive in the left lane regardless of their speed or how much talking and texting they’re doing.

My three favorite things about summer in the U.S. are:

  1. Attending church and worship (in English)
  2. Visiting with friends and family
  3. Eating


My  least favorite things about this summer in the U.S. have been:

  1. Heat
  2. Gas prices
  3. Political melodrama

I am just about ready to be back to Haiti. I’m ready to be teaching and praying and learning and following and serving.