Summer Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,

As we spend the last few weeks preparing for the end of the school year, we want to briefly share with you about the school year and ask for your prayers for summer.

At times the school year seemed to drag on; students struggling with a concept, students having a hard time practicing the golden rule, Alaina’s struggles with getting homework done, Anessa’s struggles getting along with classmates.

At times the school year seemed to go very quickly; having short term groups in visiting and getting vital tasks done in our classrooms or spending time with the girls. We’ve enjoyed spending family time playing games or swimming in the ocean. Celebrating an awesome anniversary with a special dinner.

We recall times we are amazed at God’s faithfulness in so many things; the generator needing major repairs but still we have electricity, visitors that are kind and share their time and things (like keeping our toilet from leaking when the septic is full), unexpected relief for Scott’s back from a visiting doctor, supplies coming when needed, encouragement from a fellow staff member.

We are amazed that despite our shortcomings as parents our own daughters have grown in their faith as well; Alaina practicing hospitality and sharing her precious corn dogs with friends. Anessa requesting prayers at Sunday night staff church for our neighbors who are without food, who we as adults were unaware of, and delivering food to them.

And always we are amazed in the growth of faith in students, students that come from utterly hopeless situations, living without parents, or without much food or material things. Students sharing the little they have with someone that has less, and students that are sharing Christ and their faith. We are reminded of the reason we are here as they make decisions to follow Jesus, eleven students this year baptised. This encourages us to continue planting seeds.

In all things I am reminded of how fleeting life is, how we are only here for a little while and we must look to the things we are thankful for to get through the things we struggle with, and in all things depend on Christ and His strength to endure this job of “life”. We must use His strength to follow through with what we know is right to do, but may not feel like doing. I am thankful for the opportunities we have here as a family to live as Christ in action, for having good friends visit and share in the life we live and the work we do, and affirming why we’re here.

We are most grateful for you! You are our partners in this work, without you we could not be here. It takes prayers and money to continue here.

We know in our hearts that as we ask in faith for prayers, God will exceed our expectations, but still we stress about the things we need to plan and get done.

We would appreciate you lifting these things up in prayer for us:
-Graduation process and the futures of the graduates.
-Packing up our house and planning for the summer and return this fall.
-Health and safety for students over the summer.
-Healing for the woman who was burned outside the school gate and the family of the woman who died
-Raising support for the next two years here at Sonlight.

We are looking forward to seeing and visiting personally with each of you this summer and share in more detail about our ministry at Sonlight Academy. Let’s coordinate schedules!

Scott, Alicia, Alaina and Anessa Bridges