We visited Lude again, she acted afraid again, until she saw the photos we brought from the day before. We are so happy to see that she has been well taken care of, she’s pretty big for her age by Haitian standards. Looking at her compared with a few other girls at the orphanage that are her age, or older, she looked healthy. I was really surprised at the difference. The picture is of MacDonna, a girl that lives at the orphanage, they are not there because they are orphans, but because their family couldn’t take care of them. The orphanage is funded by Northwest Haiti Christian Ministries. It made me really appreciate the advantage we’ve been able to give our girls by being Americans. We don’t get to chose who we are, God has chosen who our parents are, from what country, color, culture and with advantage or not and a lot of times we just expect more and don’t stop to look around and see how blessed we are.

Making new friends

We had a great time at the orphanage across the street this afternoon making friends, playing jump rope and visiting.

Charlinette, our housekeeper, lives there with her sister’s family, they are house parents for 28 children. Charlinette’s daughter, Loudsondy√† (Lude for short) is here visiting. Normally Lude lives with her Grand-m√©re in Jean Robel which is a few hours away. She’s two and a half and she’ll move back with her mother when she’s ready to start school. Right now they don’t get to see each other often. Haitian culture is an enigma to me. They either live crowded, all together, extended family and all. Or they live one spouse/parent in America or Bahamas, or in this case, child away from parent and it seems ok. Charlinette seems sad that she doesn’t get to see her baby very often so I’m not sure the reason. We’re just glad we will get to spend a few days getting to know her so that when she does move here, maybe we can be a good influence for her.

When we first arrived, Lude was afraid and didn’t want to have anything to do with us(she probably hadn’t seen white people up close). Alaina and Anessa had a couple friends from school with them so they all got involved jumping rope and climbing on the jungle gym/slide. Lude could see us from up above and started waving so Charlinette brought her down to let us see her up close. What really made her warm up was Mr Scott with his camera!

Friday afternoons…

we’ve been having soccer games. The Seniors have been selling tickets to the games to raise funds for a trip to the Citadel near Cap Haitian. Each Friday teams from two different grades 7-12 square off against each other on our field. Everyone enjoys a good game of 4 on 4 soccer and the Seniors are able to sell water, Coke, candies and snacks all for a good cause. Today’s match is between the 8th and 9th Graders. Anessa and I won’t be going.

We’re staying home to goof around together. Maybe we’ll snack, maybe we’ll watch a movie, maybe we’ll play a videogame together. Ministry stuff.

I know why I’m here, but if I’m not careful, I can get so busy in the ministry, that I begin to lose sight of two or three important things. I have to remind myself that ministry is people. If you’re married and have a family then part of your ministry is meeting the needs of your wife and children. Right now, one of those people, who is part of my ministry wants to play a videogame with her Dad…

Don’t lose sight of the ministry God has given you.

Today’s prayer requests:

  • Pray that Caleb, who lives in Missouri and is recovering from recent surgery, is healing well.
  • Pray for April, our friend and fellow Sonlight staffer, who will be transitioning to Verona, Italy with Team Expansion next year.

Homework and Home work

Our third year at Sonlight is off to a big start!

When we arrived in-country we found that our wireless network, connecting the homes of our staff to each other and the internet, was dead. Each of the little devices we depend upon to communicate with our loved ones and supporters back home was lifeless. I began planning what types of hardware we’d need to rebuild the wireless links but where to buy it? We tried ordering online and having it shipped via DHL to PaP, but very few online retailers want to ship to Haiti. In the end, we decided to wait for our first group of visitors to bring the equipment but that wouldn’t happen until Oct. 6.

For the next couple of weeks we all tried to share two network connections in the workroom and then things went from bad to worse. Our satellite-based internet access system failed. The upside? When you don’t have internet access, you don’t need a network and you don’t much care how well your computer works.

At home, things didn’t look much better. Our septic system was full and began spilling out of the bottom edge of the toilet. Electrical issues were rearing around every outlet and lightswitch. Mr. John and Mr. Roger worked at our home all day for several days making things drain or light up as appropriate.

All of the troubles notwithstanding, the school year started just fine. Eager students and teachers each bringing their own kind of enthusiasm. It’s wonderful to be part of their lives. To pray with them and for them. To encourage them and in turn be encouraged by them. It really is a blessing to see students, that a couple of years ago were a bit rough around the edges, maturing spiritually, growing into Christ-like young men and women. It reminds me why I’m here: To introduce young people to Jesus.

I wish I could say thank you to each and every one of you for praying for us, for supporting us financially or for supporting a Sonlight student through sponsorship. I wish I could hug you so that you could know what your support means to us and to our students and our community. Your offering of time, money, prayer or materials is always blessed by God. Loaves and fish.

Prayer requests…

  • That we will all continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • For ever-improving language skills that allow us to reach others.
  • For continued and improved financial support and that God will continue to bless our resources.
  • For Alaina and Anessa: good health, good grades, good attitudes(homework) and that they will choose to make Christ the center of their lives.
  • For Alicia: good health and close personal friendships
  • For Me: for an end to back pain, and that God will give me the opportunity to become the father, husband and teacher that he wants me to become.

Let us pray for you. Send us an email to ‘mail at’

In Him,