Fun weekend

We’ve had quite an exciting last few days. On Saturday Anessa had a classmate, Fernande, come to play. She hadn’t told us that she’d invited her, but luckily she showed up right before we went to swim in the morning, so she tried on a couple of suits and swim shoes and was ready to go. She stayed all day, for lunch we sent them up the street for Haitian rice and beans, we cooked hot dogs and baked potatoes. They played and watched movies. She’s a sweet girl and Miss April has been pleased that she and Anessa are friends since Fernande comes from such a poor family, she doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Then about 5:00, Winnie Brutus, one of the Seniors, came to babysit while Scott and I went to the Senior Fund-raising Banquet. We had a nice meal and enjoyed adult conversation. (We had Norma’s famous lobster dish) Over the Christmas break, the Seniors(6 girls, 2 boys), along with Mr and Mme Thom, Mr and Mme Durbin, will go to Cap Haitian to see the Citadel (a Haitian Fort) and have fun. They’ve had all kinds of fun fund raisers; a sale, and “wear your own clothes”day at school. They’re planning a few more. They’re a great group of kids, please pray that they finish strong this year and they have good college and job opportunities. Anyways, Anessa had requested Winnie babysit so the girls had a fun time. She stayed with the Durbins but on Sunday after church had to wait for her dad so we invited her to dinner. She lives in La Point, 30 minutes away. Winnie is top in the class and a great girl. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with her this weekend getting to know her, I’m not around the older students much.

We’ve had lots of rain, praise God, we haven’t gotten any in the house but once. I had a few students come after school for me to help them with their math last week and we walked them home. We all got our feet muddy. I’m thankful for the dry street we walk on to and from school! The temps are cool, and the boat has arrived again. We’re getting ready for the staff parties and Christmas program, pray the message of Jesus touches someone’s life that either hasn’t heard, or hasn’t responded to Him, yet.