Today was the first day of the last full week of school. Wow, it can’t seem possible that it’s almost the end of our first year here. I am already missing some of my 5th graders. It’s funny how the students that take more of your time to discipline are the ones that you get to know the best. I have one student that is just perfect. She is very quiet and sweet, never talks or get out of her chair without raising her hand. She is nearly 100 % academically, has never missed a day of school or missed turning in her homework. The only thing I knew was that she comes from a very poor home. I was commenting on this to Scott this afternoon and to my amazement she showed up at my gate, telling me she had forgotten her History book to do her homework. I was happy to walk to school with her, unlock the door and let her get her book. I only asked her a few questions, about what she will do this summer, if she would miss school. It has encouraged me to be sure to get those procedures and rules more in line for my class next year so I can spend more time getting to know my students, and not just the ones that don’t behave well in class. I know she will go on to be a great student in the future. I pray she will chose to follow God’s path for her and hope I have encouraged her to do that this year.
Arode came back last week and did very well on both the math tests he took. He is still working on getting homework turned in but I felt there was progress academically.
We are reading Secret Garden in class. I have never read this book or seen the movie so I have been quite interested in the book. I will be looking for more interactive work for them to have for next year, it’s been a challenge for them to keep up and pay attention. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. We will start on book reports for it this week so I guess I’ll find out if they liked it or not. Alaina did her oral book report and will turn in her written book report tomorrow. She even volunteered the first day to give her oral report, she has gained so much confidence since we’ve been here. Mme Durbin told me she was the first one to volunteer to give the end of the day prayer and did an awesome job. Anessa’s class has been writing stories and today Miss Ashley told me that she decided (on her own) to pick the pen name Nancy Drew. Her story had nothing to do with those stories, I asked her if she changed her name today and she said it was Nancy, we’ll see how long that lasts.
Several of the women went to the White House (home where the single women live) on Saturday and we made cards for Mother’s Day. They will go out this week so will probably be late for Mother’s Day (sorry moms and grandmas) but I really had fun working on them and spending time with everyone. This is such a creative group of teachers. I’ve been encouraged and inspired. I will have a long list of things to look for this summer to help spruce up my classroom for next year.
Well, I better get to bed. Love and miss you all. Alicia

Friday prayer request

I just want to share with you a quick note about one of my students and ask for your prayers on her behalf. Her name is Almathe. She’s a junior; one of my chemistry students. Almathe has been unwell for a couple of weeks now.

Today I visited her in the hospital where she is being treated for high blood pressure. While my head is filled with images from that hospital experience this doesn’t seem the time to share them. What I would ask is that you lift up Almathe in prayer.

I often hear people that pray for healing say ‘if it’s your will Father, please heal…’. Perhaps we add that part about it being ‘your will’ because in Jesus example of how we’re to pray it says ‘your will be done’ (Matt 6:10) . Then again, maybe we just don’t like the idea of asking God for something big like miraculous healing and then dealing with what it might mean if the person isn’t healed, so we add a little way out, as much for ourselves, as for God. If we ask God to heal, and the person isn’t healed, we can fall back on that idea that ‘it wasn’t His will’.

Somehow, I don’t think God needs us to give him permission to exercise his own will. And I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone about the way they pray. I know this; His Will will be done regardless of me, or in spite of me. Now if you’re still following this line of reasoning, and I haven’t offended you, take a moment to read Luke 11:1-12. When you’re finished pray with me and ask God to heal my student Almathe, not if it’s his will, but because he is our father.


Hello from Haiti, May Prayer Requests

Today was the Haitian Labor Day, little bit of a misnomer since so many people do not work. Mme John (Carmen) didn’t announce it till Sunday so it was a pleasant surprise to not have school today (Scott made her repeat it twice). The girls played with sculpey clay making little people, flowers, insects and Scott made two fake fingers. Miss April (2nd grade teacher) came and played the kongas with us for a bit this afternoon. Alaina has been working on reading Little House on the Prairie for a book report next week (she is nervous about the oral book report). Anessa has been reading everything she sees, I read the 5th Harry Potter book this weekend and she was doing an excellent job of reading over my shoulder here and there. Scott has been working on the website all weekend and hopefully got the kinks out. I am ready to get back in the school routine. I had a student that didn’t come back to school after spring break last week (Arode) The word is he went over to La Tortuge (the island) and hasn’t come back. As I noticed last week with the behavior of my class (it was better than usual), Arode is my most disruptive child. Fortunately there is another student that lives close that is an excellent student and can help him catch up if/when he returns. I want Arode to return so he can be ready to go to 6th grade, I am praying he will do well with Mr Thom as his teacher. He is capable but has trouble focusing on his work and getting homework turned in, please pray for Arode.

Things we have been thinking and praying about.

Ernisy Charles – Baptism on Tuesday, May 2 (Scott will be baptizing her)
Mildride Macena – courage to speak with her father about being baptized
For the senior class as they prepare to graduate and make plans for the future.
For two of our seniors who haven’t yet committed their lives to Christ
For our students who have heard the Truth, but haven’t accepted it.
Pray for our Sunday School classes and the temptation to take a vacation from church during the summer.
For wise decisions about retaining students in their current grade
For summer plans and support raising
For the Rock Garden Christian Service Camp June 4-9 where Scott will be teaching missions
Security at the school and residences during the summer
Safe travel for staff returning to the States for the summer.
One new teacher (8th grade) and the new teachers needed (4th grade and misc high school) for the 2006-2007 year

It has been a cool couple of days but with no rain, things are getting dry. That’s the way it seems to be here, either mud or dust! That’s it for now. Blessings, Alicia